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Pub isn’t just a place to have dinner with a pint. It’s a kind of a club where you meet your mates, watch a game, play darts, and get update on the latest news. Pub is not just a place, it’s a lifestyle.

Tim Finnegan, a jolly character of traditional songs from Ireland, was a simple Dublin worker born “with a love for the liquor” and fond of tipping glasses in a company of other reckless fellows. In the songs his story begins with his own death — the poor chap falls off the scaffolding and dies. To commemorate their late friend, his pals turn Finnegan’s funeral feast into a booze-up and spill the “water of life”, i.e. whiskey, over his dead body. Brought back to life, Finnegan exclaims “No way I’ll keep lying dead as you drink this lot!”
This simple story formed the whole concept of our Irish pub where whiskey and beer flow in streams, where it’s always nice and warm, where anyone will find a proper company and entertainment… in brief, a place with truly Irish atmosphere.

We are a team of young experts, who have been working on the Finnegan’s project for almost 6 months, and we’re doing our best to take care of all details and make your pastime enjoyable here at Finnegan’s.